What you need to know about the Bitcoin debit card

Bitcoin has achieved what most currencies have not been able to achieve over the past several decades. The currency has managed to transcend borders and revolutionize money transfer to make it as cheap and convenient as possible for bitcoin users. While this is true, the currency is only acceptable to a limited but growing number of individuals and organizations. Slowly but steadily more and more people will inevitably join the revolution. This is why we believe that a bitcoin debit card is the next big development in the bitcoin money revolution. The card just like any other debit card will allow the holders to purchase goods and services and pay using their bitcoin debit cards. The process is simple; a bitcoin debit card will allow you to access your bitcoin wallet and transfer the appropriate amount to the vendor’s bitcoin wallet. 

One of the major benefits of getting a bitcoin debit card from exkash.com is the fact that you remain completely anonymous when using your card anywhere in the world. exkash does not require your name or personal documents when issuing you with a debit card. All the same, transactions cannot be completed with your debit card without proper ownership verification through a password.  Our bitcoin debit card can be used to purchase goods or services online just like any other debit card you have been used to. There are a growing number of online vendors accepting bitcoins as a means of payment. Another great thing is that there is no geographical limitation while using a bitcoin debit card; you can use it anywhere from Asia, Africa, Europe and the US. Exkash.com is a certified bitcoin exchanger, verified with OKpay, perfectmoney and egopay. You can be guaranteed of safe and reliable bitcoin exchange services with exkash. 

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