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LocalBitcoins.com is a bitcoin trading company based in Helsinki, Finland. If you have Bitcoins funds available in localbitcoin, you want to convert them into real cash, you do not need to find out the person, who will take your bitcoin and pay money to you. Exkash has simplified the process, fully independent way, where you can pay bitcoins and get paid into your bank account Use Bitcoin to send international bank transfer, Send Bitcoin and get money into any bank account in any country, wether it is you personal bank account, checking, business or salaried account. it is not compulsory to get receive money in only your bank account, you can receive it in any account.

Exkash is fast, instant and automatic system to convert your localbitcoin funds directly into bank account worldwide. It is The most authentic process to exchange Bitcoin to Bank account in any country. Our honest system to cashout Bitcoin into your bank account is 1 second ur process. This is fully automated. Your Bank account will receive the payment instantly or within 1-2 hours maximum upon receipt of Bitcoin into our account. It is premium service like Bitcoin to bank account in Ghana, Nigeria, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Russia, Africa, Asia, America and other countries of the world.

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Withdraw Bitcoin from Localbitcoins.com to Bank transfer

Withdraw bitcoin from localbitcoins.com to Bank transfer

Our Services

  • Exchange Bitcoins to Bank Account
  • Exchange Bitcoin to paid in Bank
  • Convert Bitcoin into real Money
  • Exchange Bitcoin for instant cash
  • Bitcoin ATM Visa Debit or credit Card
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  • Bitcoin to Bank wire internationally
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  • Get higest value for your Bitcoins



  • Change Bitcoin into Bank Transfer
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